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Mega Manpower is known for its dedication and commitment to its work over the years. And as I chose Mega to handle my application, I saw their honesty, professionalism, and most importantly, their heart throughout the process. Being accountable and passionate about their work. My sincere gratitude to you Mega Manpower for your unwavering support from the start. You treat us, as though they were family members rather than just applicants. You are a key component of our accomplishments, no matter where we are now. More strength and Godspeed!
Ann Villa

Nursing Supervisor

Armed Forces Hospitals Taif Region
Taif, Saudi Arabia

I’m Marlon Martinez, an ex-Saudi worker for thirteen years. I was affected by Saudization program of the Kingdom and was forced to return to the Philippines, before I return, I was hired by a private employer and told to look for an agency than can help me process my papers. Without a second thought, I recommended Mega Manpower, I had a first-hand experience on how they took care their applicant. They had a team of professional staff that will help you from the application process up to the day of your flight. Thank youMega Manpower and team! Keep up the good work.
Marlon Martinez

Project Management Engineer

Zuhair Fayez Partnership Company
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

This is my second time applying for a job abroad with the same agency. I would like thank all the staff for helping me out with my processing. All of you are very accommodating throughout the application process even in your social media. Keep up the good work and continue to help others in their journey abroad. God bless!
Jinfa Galleposo

Registered Nurse

King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mega Manpower Corporation has been my go-to agency since 2009. They have helped me with my first employment abroad. Then and up to now with my second employment this 2022. Mega has always been consistent in assiting me in every step since day 1. They have been very helpful staff who communicate well, giving necessary updates as possible. They would even extend assistance beyond the scope, like in my case, helped me in some of my kids’ documents needed for family visit visa. Thank you Mega! You will always be highly recommended.
Lou Carla Cruz

Staff Nurse

Prince Sultan Cardiac Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I started becoming Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in year 2009. Mega Manpower Corporation is my third recruitment and placement agency in year 2018. I describe it as professional agency. The ambiance of its office made me feel comfortable and gained confidence in pursuing my career plan. I remember when I came from previous employer in Dammam KSA due to resignation, the moment I arrived the Philippines I received call from MMC which signify process for my next employment. I felt the urgency of deployment as discussed in my interview with ranking official of Engineering Department of Medical Services Directorate-Ministry of Defense. I did not experience difficulty in the process of MMC. All my waiting moments were fruitful from filling up of forms to signing to medical exam to registrations until I arrived the airport for my departure. All the staff of MMC are professionals. They are friendly and result-oriented. They support until everything is achieved accordingly. Oh I love those office staff I met there in the office building. I believe any overseas company that would tie-up with this agency for recruitment won’t regret in choosing Mega Manpower Corporation. And I believe Mega Manpower Corporation of professional services is bound with list of long-standing clients that won’t give burden or hardships to applicants when employed especially in Middle East. As a result, I never experience delayed salary and bridge of contract in my present employer. I enjoy my work with MSD-MODA and I am comfortable living here in Riyadh, KSA. Alhamdulillah (All thanks and praises are to Allah)
James Arden Sua-an

Senior Telecom Engineer

Operation Management Department
Ministry of Defense and Aviation Riyadh, Saudi Arabia