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Mega Manpower Corporation is a private overseas recruitment and placement company established in 1993 by a dynamic group of acknowledged experts in the recruitment industry.

Mega Manpower Corporation has a reputation for excellence in the field of recruiting, selecting interview training, coaching and consulting. We provide a range of professional services to a notable list of long-standing clients, many of which are renowned cream of the crop in their respective industries.

Our Mission

To recruit contract workers, who can best meet the needs, demands and requirements of their profession, occupation or vocation.

To render services to the highest possible standards of excellence, professionalism and competence.

To protect and advance the interest of both foreign business employers and Filipino workers.

Our Vision

To be the leading company dedicated in providing Filipino our highest level of employment service and human resource solutions.

Mega Manpower Values

Our Values


Our Services

We provide a range of professional services to a notable list of long-standing clients, may of which are renowned cream of the crop in their respective industries. Mega Manpower Corporation, the Medical Services Division has a reputation for excellence in the field of recruiting, selecting, interview training, coaching, and consulting.

Hospital and Medical Care Institutions
General Engineering and Design Services
General construction, Fabrication & Manufacturing
Operation, Management and Maintenance
Recruitment Process

Mega Manpower Corporation, the Medical Services Division has successfully connected the right people to the right jobs at the fastest time. The company is strictly guided by the proven procedures in the conduct of recruitment, screening, and selection of candidates for pre-qualification prior to the final selection of the client.

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Our proudest achievement is our long-standing, mutually loyal relationships with our CLIENTS. They are real testaments of our kind of recruitment commitment.

Medical Services Division
General Engineering, Construction, Operation & Maintenance
Asia Division
Accreditation of Foreign Clients

A foreign/ employer must undergo a process of accreditation through a licensed staffing agency and the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), the central governing for overseas workers in the Philippines.

List of Recruitment Documents for DMW Accreditation:
  1. Special Power of Attorney
  2. Recruitment Service Agreement
  3. Manpower Request
  4. Master Employment Contract
  5. Visa Authority
  6. Commercial Registration or Business license of the principal
  7. Contingency Plan
  8. Affidavit of Undertaking

The above Recruitment Documents must be approved by the Chamber of Commerce and must be verified and authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy (POLO) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Registration and License

Registration and License

The company has all the necessary registrations and licenses with pertinent government agencies to legally pursue our business operations.

Registration Registration

The Management

Quality is a force working in our mindset. Our team has the same excellent performance you would demand from your own employees. This means we are industrious, systematic, precise, and quick. Everyone is highly skilled and team player.We allow no room for 'star' mentality. We mean and do business according to the principles of HONESTY, ACCOUNTABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM. We communicate frequently in order to stay on top of an astonishing amount of data. Most importantly, we love what we are doing.

Timmie Chenier U. Chua

Chairman/ President Chief Executive Officer

Kirk Kennis U. Chua

Vice President

Lloyd Lyndon U. Chua

Coo / Corporate Secretary

Lito B. Soriano

Senior Quality Management Consultant

Lorna B. Lorenzo

Operations Manager
Medical Services/ Engineering Division

Jeanete S. Mendoza

Nurse Interviewer Medical Services Division

Carlito A. Galdo

Technical Interviewer
Engineering Division

Edellyn Y. De Jose

Assistant Supervisor Asia Division

Cynthia C. Lloren

Sr. Recruitment Officer

Awards & Recognition

Highlighting our Success: A Collection of Awards and Recognitions Earned by Our Team

Award Image
Award Image
2002 LAND-BASED INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYEER AWARDEE King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in Northwestern Region (Formerly Northwest Armed Forces Hospital). It has employed more than 1000 Filipino workers in the Kingdom since 1999.